Friday, July 30, 2010

Flaming Hot

I was just playing around awhile back while I was doing some painting and I wondered what a flame paint job would look like on a bait. I also wanted to see if I had the ability to paint flames and make them look halfway decent. I'm not sure if the fish will be impressed with these or not but I thought they looked pretty cool......or should I say "hot" . Here's how they came out. The first attempt was on a Hellhound and then I flamed a couple of my shallow paddletail swimbaits.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Very Pretty Trophy

A photo of a very nice 48" fish that was taken on a Hoosier Handmade Easy Glider with one of my tail hooks on it.
The angler is Randy Whiteman. Randy is a firm believer in the productivity of Don's lures and has caught many nice fish on them. He also believes that the addition of my tail hooks on Don's lures provides that extra look of realism that makes muskies bite rather than just follow.
Congrats Randy on such a fine fish.
By the Way, I really like the coloring and markings on that fish.

Some Modifications

Here's a modification/addition to my Big Paddletail swimbait that has been working very well in Norway for those big pike that they have there. These baits are being used as a trolling baits but there is no reason why this setup would not work as a casting bait too. I just may have to rig one like this and try them to see if our muskies would be interested in them.

A New Model

Here's a photo of a new model that I came up with awhile back. It's a curly tail version of of my 5" paddletail swimbait. These were created at the request of my Norwegian friends, they wanted to use them for their Perch and Zander. The 2 in the photo is a couple I sent to them for testing purposes and as you can see by the other pic that they were a success.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UK Pike

Here's a photo of a very nice Pike taken in the United Kingdom on one of my Ribbontail swimbaits.
Thanks for the pic Stew.

Monday, July 19, 2010

More Canada Muskies

Here's a few more photos of some nice fish that were taken during our Canada trip last week. These guys are my cousins and they also work as field testers for me. This trip they were using some of my long tail jointed swimbaits and were rewarded with these 4 fish, all taken on those swimbaits.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Release Shots

Just some Random Photos

A few pics of some nice Pike we got while Musky fishing last week.

6 Fish for the Week

Photos of the 6 Muskies my partner and I boated last week on our annual Canada trip.
1st photo is a 33" fish taken by my pardner on a Topraider off a weedy off shore reef.
2nd pic is a 41" fish he got on a Suick.
3rd pic is a 46"er that came on a Jr. Cowgirl.
4 photo is a 36"er I got on a spinnerbait.
5th picture is a 43" that ate my Topraider.
6th pic is my 49-1/2" fish that took one of my handmade double mag 8 bucktails.

The End of a Tough Week

This years "Musky Week" seen a lot of weather changes from hot and sunny to overcast and rain, flat calm with little wind to 35 mph winds. No two days were the same which made putting together a consistent pattern very difficult. At the beginning of the week twitch/minnow baits were the baits of choice and produced a fat 49" fish for one of the competitors which became the mark to beat and held the top spot until the last day of competition. As the week worn on swimbaits began to produce some fish, Suicks were the hot bait on a couple days and rubber had their times too. On one day prop style topwater lures were what the fish seemed to want best. Bucktails, which is normally the most consistent bait to use there, would only produce a few lazy follows until the final day when big double bladed tails produced 3 fish a 46", a 49" and my 49-1/2" fish which earned me top honors.
Here's photo of me accepting this years "Angler of the Year" trophy from the camp owner and also a picture the "Wall of Fame" showing the previous years winners and the winning fish's length.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Some New Ones

Here's a few new and unique colors on my Big Paddletail Swimbait. Some are just a different variation in the color or pattern of ones I've done before and some are totally new, as least to me. They all were done at a customers request.