Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paddletails, Big Boys and Bulldawgs

The title pretty much says it all ...... just some stuff that has come out of the paint room in the last several days.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Misc, Stuff

Here's a few shots of several different types of swimbaits that include both deep and shallow Big Boys, some deep and shallow 8" paddletails, some Widetails, some Ribbontails and some Kalin's 10" Big'n grubs. Lots of different bait styles and colors.

Castiac Swimming Cisco's

Here's 3 Castiac Swimming Cisco's that I painted recently. The top one was done in the very popular Dr. Carp color. The center one is a custom cisco color and the bottom one is a silver shad.
It's always cool to do some paint work on different types of baits. I do so many Bulldawgs, Medussa's and my swimbaits that these three were a welcome change of pace.

Back At It

I'm back in the shop after being away for a week or so and things have been piling up while I was gone. Here's a stack of Bulldawgs awaiting their turn to go through the paint booth.