Monday, September 30, 2013

Pond Fishing

 The wife and I were out visiting some friends this past weekend. He suggested that we try our luck in their pond. We caught a few crappie and several bass with the biggest being estimated at around 6 pounds. Awesome way to spend a Saturday evening.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Medussa's Makeover

Here's a few pics of a Medussa as I received it. It was sent to me to be changed into something close to the Bullhead color from Musky Innovations.
Now a few pics of how it looked when I shipped it back to it's owner.


Monday, September 23, 2013


    From time to time I have a few extra baits from large orders or some that I've made for myself or some are just color experiments. After I accumulate enough of them  I'll offer them to my blog readers.
   In the top photo we have four(4) Big Boy swimbaits - two(2) in the color Motor Oil Smallmouth (the one(1) on the far left has been thrown a few times but is still like new ..... all others in this post are new) the two(2) on the right are a couple different variations of Cisco. Blue Cisco and Manitou Special (Purple Cisco).
  All The Big Boys Are Sold  -
  All The 12" Shad Bodies Are Sold
  The Two 15" Shad Bodies and the Two 15" Curltail Shads, Pictured Below, Are Still Available
  In the 2nd pic there are two(2) 15" curl tail shad and two(2) 15" shad bodies. The top one is a Dark  Baitfish color, 2nd one down is a Threadfin Shad color, 3rd from top is Manitou Special and the bottom one is Emerald Smallmouth.
   15" size either style the curltail or the paddletail are $12.50 each
The bottom photo is all 12" shad bodies. Colors from the top down.... Smokey Shad, Manitou Special, Dark Cisco and Disco Cisco.

If your interested in any or all of these pieces or if you have any questions just send a email to the following address


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not the Target Species....But Not Bad

 A friend and I got out to try the muskies recently....while the muskies refused to cooperate with us,  I did have this decent bass blast a prototype buzzbait I've been working on.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2 Custom Rapala's

 Two 7" Rapalas that I did for a was done in the color Blue Musky and the other in Smokey Shad.