Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cold Water Bass Baits

With the water temps getting colder it is time for me to stock up my jig box for the winter and coming spring.   I basically use 3 different sizes/styles for most all my cold water jig fishing.  

The first is a 1/2 oz. silicone skirted jig that I use for flippin/pitchin/casting.  I use this primarily as a craw imitation so the colors and trailer styles reflect that.....but I do carry a few that are tied up in baits colors. 
(Actually most of this batch is in baitfish colors because not to long ago I made several in my preferred craw colors of green pumpkin/chartreuse, brown/orange & black/blue)

The second is a bullet head swim jig, this one is usually around a 1/2 oz. also, but is normally tied with some sort of synthetic hair in various baitfish colors.  The trailer for this style is most always some sort of paddle tail swimbait....or maybe a curly tail grub.

The last model is a finesse jig....it usually weighs a 1/4oz (sometimes less) and is dressed with hair, either natural or synthetic.   These may represent either small craws, shad or minnows.   The trailers for these is usually a 3-4" straight tailed, soft plastic minnow in a color that matches the jig color.
Usually one of these 3 will get some bites on most days during winter and all the way though spring and into early summer....actually a jig is hard to beat year around.

Here's a few photos that show the bare heads that have been painted and epoxied, ready for dressing.......along with the packs of dressing that I used for this batch.
Also some photos of the finished jigs ready to go into the box. 

A pretty good assortment of jig styles and colors.

1/4 oz. Finesse Jigs

1/2oz Casting/Flippin/Pitchin Jigs

1/2oz Bullet Head Swim Jigs.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coyote Crossing

Awhile back I posted some images of a deer that was swimming across the creek. In that post I talked about some of the other things I've seen swimming the creek.   A few days ago I added another species to the list of creek swimmers....a coyote.   This must have been a old male judging by of the size of this thing.   Even as big as it was, it was extremely quiet......I never heard any sound as he entered the water some 50 yards or so behind me, I just happened to turn around and see it swimming.   It was able to swim so fast that by the time I got my camera picked up, turned on and focused on him he had nearly crossed the creek....you can see the wake he is making as he swims across.   After 4 quick photos he was out of the water and gone

Natures Preparation For Winter

A few days ago while I was fishing along the bank in one of my favorite creeks I noticed this big red squirrel.   While I see lots of squirrels while fishing, most are either chasing each other around, eating nuts high up in the trees or rummaging around on the ground looking for nuts.......but this squirrel was obviously getting ready for winter by building itself a nest, which is something you don't get to witness very often.
It would come to the ground dig through plies of leaves until it found just the right leaf or two ....then it would carry them back up the tree and into it's den. Some leaves would go in the hole easily but some took a lot of effort to get them in the hole....some he was able to push right in, while others he would have to go inside and then pull and tug to get them in.
After one especially hard bunch of leaves, in which he worked on for several minutes, he paused so I took these quick photos.

All I can figure is.....
He either needed a break after such a tough bunch of leaves
Was admiring his chosen view for the winter
Was looking for the next bunch of "perfect leaves" to line his den.
......but more likely....
He was wondering what this guy was doing floating around in the water,  working so hard to catch a little fish...and when he did finally catch one,  he would just hold it up, admire it, then release it.

Who knows what goes through the minds of animals like this but he seemed to be content to just relax for awhile as he remained like this for quite some time.

You just gotta love the wonders of nature.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just Catching Up On The Posts.

It's been a couple weeks since I've posted anything on here....
........even longer since I've posted any images of baits.
Here is several photos of some of the baits that have come out of the shop in the time since the last post.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Nature At Its Finest

A couple images that I took of a bald eagle as it set high up in a sycamore tree while I fished along the bank towards it. 
It didn't let me get to close before took off and it flew a mile or so upriver and landed in another tall tree overlooking the water.

A couple days earlier while I was fishing  in one of the creeks,  I heard a loud crashing of leaves and brush followed by a big splash.
Turning to see what was making the noise I found this little buck swimming across the creek.
The creek here is probably 150 feet wide or so but this deer swam shore to shore in less than a minute.
Reaching the opposite bank he paused to shake off then made a couple quick jumps and was gone into the brush.
All became quiet again.


Over the years I've seen lots of things swimming in the waters of the creeks, in the lakes and even the mighty river.
In addition to your normal water creatures such as beavers, muskrats and otters, I've seen countless deer, squirrels, coons, dogs, foxes, a few mink and even once a bobcat.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Some Recent Stuff

Some 12" shad bodies
some 9" PW2 shad bodies
and 3 Brad Roberts creations
These are some of the things that I painted lately.