Tuesday, August 30, 2011

latest Paint Work

A couple photos of some of the latest things to come out of the paint room.

Some Dawgs for a friend and a few Big Boys and Paddletails.
The Big Boys and Paddletails may look like the same old thing but these are testers that I'm going to be trying out in the next few days. They do look like all the others that you've seen on here but these have a new internal frame design......

Thursday, August 25, 2011


A few assorted swimbaits that I have for sale . These are all brand new and have never been used, some of them have been in the shop for quite some time so it's time to move them along. These are either extras I made while doing other orders ....or are paint color/pattern samples......so some of them are one of a kind colors.
There are
Two (2) Ribbontail Swimbaits
(as seen in the first pic)

Three (3) Chatterbaits, 1 Shad body and 2 Ribbontail bodies (as seen in the second pic )

Seven (7) Widetail Swimbaits
( as seen in the third pic )

These usually sell for around $12.00 each but in order to clear these out I'll take $10.00 each........or the first $100.00 gets them all........
Shipping not included.

If your interested in any or all of these just shoot me an email at

Thanks for looking


Here's a photo of 10 Medussa's I did for a fellow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lots of Shapes, Sizes and Colors

Here is a mixture of different sizes, shapes and colors that I've worked on recently.
Some of these baits will be offered for sale on here in a few days.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Here's some old favorites,...... a couple with a new twist on colors....... and also a few new and exciting ones...that have come out of the paint room lately.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Couple Nice Ones

Here's a couple nice fish that were caught by my brother in law while we were on the river last week. A 22" wiper and a 20"+ smallmouth.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

SOLD !!!

More lightly used Super D's.
These magnum sized custom Super D's are from my personal collection. All are custom painted in some of my favorite patterns. The colors are Dark Firetiger, Miller Perch, Dr. Carp, Barred Sucker and Tennessee Shad. This lot has some bright colors and some natural colors so it will cover most all conditions. These five have been used a little ....but not much and they are still in very good condition.
These baits do have the split rings but no treble hooks.
Price for this lot is $45.00 plus shipping.
These are the last custom mag sized ones I have !!
If your interested just shoot me an email. Here's the address


Thursday, August 11, 2011

SOLD !!!

I have these custom Super D's that I'm wanting to sell. These have seen very little use and are in very good shape. These do not come with treble hooks, they do have the split rings but not the hooks. The following is a list of the colors and sizes.
There is two (2) Mega D's ( this is the pounder size) One is painted in my very popular Dr. Carp color and the other is in my Canadian Cisco color.
There is two (2) Magnum D's, one is painted in a Spotted Sucker color and the other is done in a Silver Shad color.
There are four(4) Regular D's, One in Dr. Carp and one in Tennessee Shad color in a shallow version and one each of those same colors in the regular sink version.
Not many of these Swimbaits have ever been offered in custom colors such as this so if you like fishing something that other folks don't have then this lot is perfect for you.
Cost $50.00 plus shipping.
If interested just shoot me an email..............jboggsfish@gmail.com
First come first served.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have this lot of used swimbaits for sale. These all have been used but are still in pretty good shape. There's 16 pieces, if I counted correctly, in an assortment of styles....Bulldawgs, Big Boys (both deep and shallow), Paddletails, Widetails, chatterbaits and a few others. All are custom in one form or another.....some have some paint missing and a few need hooks but overall there's really nothing wrong with them.... other than I haven't used in quite some time and I need to clear them out........this kind of stuff seems to pile up really quick around here. Anyway I wanted to offer it to my blog readers first and if no one here is interested I'll post in some other forums.
Selling price is $50.00 plus shipping. PayPal, money order or cashiers checks accepted. First come first served.
If interested shoot me an email jboggsfish@gmail.com


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Latest Colors

Some Paddletails and Big Boys in a few colors. There's a Koi color, Bloody Smallmouth, Hot Pike and Rainbow Trout.
Also 2 Shadallics I refinished for a friend, one in a hot Dr. Carp color and the other I did in a Tennessee Shad.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top Of The Heap

Here's the current top 3 in my European Pike Competition.

The fish in first place is 11,100 grams or 24.47 pounds. It's length is 114 cm or 44.84 " This fish was taken on a 8" Paddletail Swimbait.

Second place is a fish of the same weight,11,100 grams. But it was submitted after the other fish so it takes 2nd place. This fish was caught on a Big Boy Swimbait.

The third place fish weighted 10,880 grams or 23.98 pounds and was taken on a Big Boy Swimbait

Congratulations to the anglers who caught these fine Pike .....but the competition runs until the end of 2011 so there is still plenty of time for some other fishermen to get on this list.

So good luck to all and we look forward to seeing more photos of those great European Pike.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Canada Photos

Here's a few more pics from our recent trip north.
The first picture is of a 46"+ fish that was caught by Grant, the camp owner. The 2nd and 3rd photos are of Scott, this years trophy winner, they are 47" and 48".
The last shot is of Scott accepting his trophy from Grant.

Monday, August 1, 2011


A few custom Dawgs fresh from the paint booth and ready for hooks.