Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Last of The Hardbaits

Here's a few pics of the last of the hardbaits that I'm going to least for now. Several Long Tail Jointed Swimbaits, a couple Triple D's and a half dozen Hellhounds.
Should I take a notion to do any more hardbaits I'll just do them and then post them on here for sale.
There's also a few photos of some Widetail swimbaits, some shallow Paddletails and 6 Magnum Bulldawgs.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Signs Of Spring

A few photos pf my wife's ornamental pond and her pet Koi and Goldfish that are up enjoying the warm sunshine after a long cold winter.
I too, was enjoying the spring sun was a long time in coming.

Last Week's Paintwork

A few photos of baits that I painted last week.
In the first pic is 3 Castic Swimming Cisco's.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th pic is of some of my Big Boy's and Paddletails in various colors.
The last pic is of a half dozen 3/0 tails hooks.

Monday, March 14, 2011

More Shallow Big Boys FOR SALE**ALL SOLD**

Some different colors of the new shallow Big Boys, All these need is to have the hooks installed and they'll be finished. If you want any of these just shoot me an email and I'll finish them up for you. Same price and same specs as last time ( specs listed in the post titled For Sale, 2 posts down the page)
First Come...First Served
Quantities and Colors
1st pic, left to right
1-Silver Glitter,Black back,Chartreuse bellySOLD
1- Silver Glitter, Black back, Orange belly SOLD
1 - Silver Glitter, Black back, Red Belly SOLD
2 - Silver Glitter, Black back, White belly SOLD
2 - Red Horse Sucker SOLD
2nd pic,
2- Hot Pike SOLD
3 - Brass Sucker SOLD
1 - Barred Sucker SOLD
3rd pic,
2 - Yellow Gold & Black Perch SOLD
3 - Hot Orange Coachdog SOLD
2 -Creme Sickle (white & orange) SOLD
4th pic,
1 - Orange Lace SOLD
4 - Dr. Carp SOLD
5th pic,
2 - Firetiger SOLD
5 - Atomic Perch SOLD

These are the last I'm gonna have for awhile.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Of The Last

Some customers baits that I painted recently.
A Suick repaint that I did in a yellow belly walleye color that I call Yell-eye. A couple black Medussa's that I added some scales and bright highlights to.
A school of assorted baits in the Dr. Carp color and a couple Hellhounds in customer requested colors.

I have a few more various hard baits to finish,.... baits that I have already committed to and when I get those finished that will be the last hard baits that I am going to paint. I just don't have the time to do them now. Hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to do them again.

I'm still going to do the soft baits both commercial lure and my stuff.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I finally got a few of the new Shallow Big Boy Swimbaits put together and ready to be offered to my blog readers. This small batch are the first ones that I have been able to offer to you fine folks and just in time for spring.
If your interested in any of these just shoot me an email.
Price is $14.00 each plus shipping. Shipping will be in Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes and the shipping cost will only what the actual shipping charges are. Up to 4 of these should fit in a small flat rate box and the cost for that size box is right at $5.00.

Colors (left to right, 1st photo)(Click on photo for a larger view)
Fire Perch
Orange Tiger
Yellow Barred Perch
Blue Shad
Purple Shad
The baits length is 13" when swimming and about 10" or so with the tailed curled (like in the photos). For reference: these are bigger than a regular size Bulldawg and slightly smaller than a Magnum size Bulldawg.
Weight is 3.65 ounces.
Sink Rate is less than a foot per second.
The body size and shape is very similar to my Standard Big Boy but with several improvements to make it more user friendly in and around shallow water.
Besides being retooled to use the new frame assembly, I enlarged the eyes to a full 3/4". These eyes are hand painted in 3 colors for a natural look. Painted eyes are much more durable than the glue-on 3-D eyes. 3-D eyes are flashy but prone to coming apart and falling off.
The plastic is a new custom mix which retains all the toughness of the older models but it is a little softer and more flexible.
The frame assembly is 150 lb test, 2 piece, interlocked, 49 strand stainless steel cable. The ends are crimped to military specs and pull tested to ensure they meet specifications. The internal weight is molded around the frames cable. The cable is also inside a super tough but flexible PVC sheath to prevent the frame from tearing out of the body. In addition the sheath is bonded to the soft plastic to hold the frame assembly firmly in the bait. All split rings are a #5 x-heavy. Hooks are Mustads, round bend musky trebles, the belly hook is a 3/0 and the tail hook is a 2/0. I have designed provisions into the frame to allow adding another hook under the chin if desired. The hooks appear to be free floating but with the design of this frame assembly the hooks are held under the bait much like an internal harness. My first thoughts on this design would be that they would be constantly tangling with the tail.........but after using these for awhile I was greatly surprise at how little it does tangle.
I am not taking special orders for these at the present time.
These 8 pieces are all I have for sale now and it may be awhile before I get the time to make more.
If your interested in something, other than your run-of-mill, mass-produced swimbaits, something that you know your local fish haven't seen, give one of these a try......I'll bet, you will be glad you did.
I have a gut feeling that these will be gone fairly quick.
These will be sold one a "First come, first served" basis.
I'll try to keep this post updated as they sell so you'll know what's gone and what's left available.