Sunday, October 3, 2010

52" and 42 lbs.

Here's a photo of my friend Ben with a BIG musky he got recently. This fish was the largest of 18 fish that he boated in 6 trips. Of that 18 fish 11 were over 40" and one day resulted in 4 fish boated. This fish was taken on a 6" Ben-E-Bait. He, by the way, is the Ben in Ben-E-Bait. Although he rarely makes baits anymore, his lures are still highly regarded as some of the best available and are snapped up very quickly when one comes up for sale. I feel very fortunate to have several of his finely crafted baits in my collection. While I don't use them much nowadays as I consider them collectors items and I'm afraid I'd damage one or worse, lose it.
Congrats Ben on a true trophy.


  1. can you take spme picture of his bait's Jeff ?
    Nice musky !!!!!

  2. thank you he is doing a really good job. :-)