Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Different Types of Paddletails

Four colors of my 9" Split Belly Swimbaits,..... Brown Perch, Custom Roach, Brass Sucker and Orange Lace with Copper Scales
The last pic has a Deep 8" Paddletail in a Brass Sucker color, an 8" Shallow Paddletail in Brown Perch and 2 9" Shad bodies, one in a Perch flavor and one in Chartreuse Pikie.
While all of these baits are of the Paddletail design, each one has a slightly different action and best suits a certain set of conditions.
The split bellies are to be rigged weedless. This rigging allows them to be fished in, around and through heavy cover such as weeds, rocks and wood.
The Deep Paddletail is best suited when fishing deep water and or when a faster retrieve speed is needed to trigger a bite.
The Shallow Paddle is best suited for a surface presentation and/or when a very slow retrieve speed is needed.
The 9" shad body can be rigged on a large jig of different weights and can be fished at about any level in the water column. One of my favorite ways to use these large shad bodies is to rig them behind a pair of mag. 8 or mag 10 blades.

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