Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few New Testers.

Hey folks here's a first look at my latest model. Same basic body size and shape as the Big Boy swimbait except a totally different rigging system. This rigging is very similar to what I use in the shallow paddletail baits. This harness allowed me to reduce the overall weight of the bait from the 5 ounces the Big Boy weighs, to about 3-3/4 ounces. The baits in the photo are the fourth generation to be hopefully the last changes have been made and I can start offering a few to you folks time for spring.

This design has been requested several times so I know a few of you guys will like them ......hopefully a lot of you folks will like them.........I know that from the few hours that I've spent throwing them I'm pretty excited with their action and their fishability in and around shallow water. Their look, their action and sink rate is very much like my Widetail swimbait.....only bigger. They are sorta sized between a regular Bulldawg and a Magnum Bulldawg.

Just thought you folks might want a little look and whats new and coming this spring

On a side note >>>> In a effort to save everybody a bunch of emails I'll post it on here when I'm able to have a few of these for sale.