Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Different colors & Different Shapes

The first photo is of a couple new colors that I did on some Shallow big Boy Swimbaits, Color names ??? maybe the left one could be called Green Tiger or maybe Green Perch and the right one ?? Green Shad or possibly Lemon Lime Shad. Not sure what to call them yet but I really liked how the colors turned out on them.
The second pic is of 3 shallow and 3 deep 8" paddletails swimbaits in a Cisco color
The last picture is of some Kalin's 10" Big'n Grubs I painted for a friend. These color names are, left column, top to bottom
Yellow, black and Gold Perch
Tennessee Shad
Right Column
Orange Lace Copper Scales
Atomic Perch
Fire Perch

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