Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Double Dawgs

A few photos of the first batch of Double Dawgs to come out of the paint room.
1st pic is a color I call Atomic Perch
2nd pic is Sherbert
3rd shot has 2 colors in it Dr. Carp (left) and Hot Pike (right)
4th photo is Bloody Smallmouth
5th pic is the color called Coward
The remaining pics are some close up shots of each color.

Should you be interested in getting a Double Dawg or two painted in your favorite color just give Aaron at Musky Tackle Online a shout.....but you better hurry because there is a very limited supply of blanks and when they're gone... they're gone.


  1. are any of these for sale?

  2. All of these were painted for a customer and are all gone sorry.