Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Next Generation

Here is a first time look at the next generation Big Boy.
All my previous versions of the Big Boy swimbait were designed to use glue on 3-D eyes for realism. But with that realism came issues, those issues were most notably durability. While they look good the eyes got knocked off from use. Many fishermen have asked me to start painting the eyes on their baits. The painted eyes, while not as realistic looking, are very durable and will probably last for the life of the bait. The only problem with the painted eyes was that the lures body was designed for glue on eyes so that made them a bit difficult to paint. The eyes on this new version was designed specifically to be painted and cannot be used with glue on eyes. These eyes are much larger than previous versions. They also have a raised pupil that when painted give a some what of a 3-D look.
I also made a few other minor changes most notably, I added a mouth.

While this will be the version I will be offering, the older 3-D eye version will still be available by request.

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