Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Little Time On tThe Water

    I managed to get out for a little while yesterday. This was the first time out in a couple weeks and lots of things had changed since the last time I was there. Most all of the leaves have fallen, staining the water a  black-ish color,  the water temps had dropped around 20 degrees...from mid 60's to the mid 40's. The water level had been several feet higher a week or so ago but was down now to a few feet about summer pool.....and still falling,........ that's a big change in a short time.
   I didn't really have any certain species I was going to target when I started ....I was just going to go fishing and see if I could figure out how to catch something.  First, I searched my favorite Sauger and Walleye spots with no luck, next I checked around for crappies ... again no luck.  After a couple hours I decided to see if the bass would cooperate a littler better.
   Using a small homemade rubber legged jig and plastic, I quickly found the bass...both spotted and smallmouth were lots more cooperative....while not aggressive enough to chase they would bite the jig on a slow retrieve. These fish were not real big but on a light spinning rod  they sure were fun.
These photos show 4 different fish, 1 spotted bass and 3 smallmouths. These were all I had caught while my cameraman was there ( after these photos were taken all these fish went back into the river)...but after he left I managed to catch 6 more fish....with a couple bigger than these, the largest would go around 3 lbs. ......2 more spots and 4 smallies. but  with no camerman around I didn't get any pics of them.
All in all it was a good day ......but any day I'm out of the shop and on the water is a good day.  

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