Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Videos Clips

Here's a few links to some short clips that show my lures in action.
These clips were filmed by Lure Action and these links take you to their site.

Big Paddletail Slow Sink     http://www.lureaction.com/videos/big-paddletail-shallow-by-jeff-boggs/
Big Paddletail Fast Sink      http://www.lureaction.com/videos/big-paddletail-sink-by-jeff-boggs/
Big Boy Slow Sink             http://www.lureaction.com/videos/big-boy-shallow-by-jeff-boggs/
Big Boy Fast Sink              http://www.lureaction.com/videos/big-boy-sink-by-jeff-boggs/

More clips  including some of my other lures are coming soon.

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