Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A "Little" Something New.....Sort Of.

I purchased a few of the new Bondy Mini Wobblers to test while adding to my growing collection of Jon's stuff.
Here's the way they came out of the package.
The colors started out as 1 black, 1 icicle and 2 zug island

I stripped them of all the hooks and blades to get them ready for their trip through the paint room.

Here's a size comparison between the new mini and the original wobbler.
Even though it is advertised as being 25% smaller than the original size, it seems a lot smaller than that.

Here they are after coming out of the paint booth.
All the hooks have been sharpened and they are ready to be re-assembled

All assembled and ready to go into my "already to heavy to carry" musky box.

Tennessee Shad & Dr. Carp

Icicle Shad & Silver Back

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