Friday, December 5, 2014

Another "Before & After" Post

Most of the before & after post I have done are of some commercial baits that someone had sent to me for custom paint.
But this post is a little different
This post shows the before & after one of my hand poured items.....actually a lot of my hand poured items. 
These are a new item called Pike Wallis Shad..... AKA.... PW Shad.
These are just a touch less than 9" in length but are quite a bit trimmer than your standard shad body.
They feature an oversize tail and have great swimming action with lots of belly roll even with lightweight jig heads.
The following 4 colors were created from this lot of bodies

Ghost Lemonhead Trout

Glitter Blue Cisco

Lemon Lime Perch

BGR   (black-gold-red)

This bunch did the 3 colors below.

Pearl Blue Cisco


Tennessee Shad

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