Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Something New For Me To Try

My German friends were kind enough to send me some trolling rigs that they designed and manufacture for use with shad bodies.   These  are made to fit specific size bodies and are available in different weights to fish the various levels of the water column.   While these are primarily made for fishing pike,  I wanted to try them for muskies......I'm also gonna see how well they work when casting.  
These are very well made from premium components and show a very high level of craftsmanship....but as with most any bait or rig that is transitioning from another species to muskies I may need to up size the hooks a size or two.
Shown in the first photo is a light version and a heavy version for both a 3" size body and a 4" size body.
You can tell the difference in the weighting by the thickness of the lips.   Even though these are small they are fairly heavy due to being made from what appears to be stainless steel.

Here's a 3-3/4" swimbait rigged with the 4" size light version

I wanted these smaller sizes to use for bass, white bass and stripers here in the river close to home.

Now here is a photo of the larger sizes they sent me.
These are the ones I'm going to use for muskies this fall.

 Shown from left to right
a 9" light model
10" medium 
A12" size in both heavy and light

Here's a 9" shad body rigged up and ready to run.
I am pretty excited to get out and see how these rigs work
I just may have to sneak out later today and give them a swim.
I'll try to shoot a short video of them if the water conditions will allow it....If I can I'll be sure to post it here ...and also on my facebook page.

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