Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Couple Different Shad Colors

A couple blue based shad colors on the new 4 tailed swimbait.
One of these colors is for a customer and the other......
....well I just may have to test it.

A few other colors that I've done previously on these 4 tail'ers

Dr. Carp and Chartreuse & Pearl

Black & Silver and Black & Gold

Thread Fin Shad , Natural Sucker and Copper Redhorse
I've had these 4 tailed things around for a little while now but for those folks that haven't seen them here's a couple short poorly shot videos of them in the water.
The first one is a one handed attempt at a figure 8,
one hand on the rod and the other hand holding the camera.

In this second clip I used the boat to slow troll the bait while I shot the video in an attempt to show how the tails work together.

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