Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Peek At A Few 2014 Models

A few more of the soon to be released 2014 models.

    Top photo is 12" curl tail shad (top 2 in pic) and the bottom bait is a 15" curltail shad. Both of these will be available with an internal harness as seen in this photo.

   Bottom photo shows two 12" split belly swimbaits. These are a little slimmer and a little trimmer than the 12" shad body.
   They also feature a large belly slot to acomadate the largest of swimbait hooks.
    With some wire and sinkers you can also fabricate your own frame complete with weights and hook hangers. Just insert it into the belly slot and glue the two sides together with a soft bait glue. The result is a totally custom weighed and rigged bait  designed specifically for your fishing style.   

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