Monday, October 7, 2013

Recent Musky Trip

Here is several photos from our most recent musky trip.
There were 4 guys in 2 boats, we fished for 3 days... 13 muskies boated. Several other fish were hooked and lost and many more were seen.
The biggest fish was 44", which was caught by my boat partner. My biggest was 42" 
I did set a new personal best for the most muskies that I've caught  in one day, with 5 fish, 3 were caught in the morning and 2 more that evening. My partner got 2 fish that day too.... so our boat had a very good day with 7 fish caught and released. The fish total, for our boat, on this trip was 10.
All of these pics are fish that were caught in our boat, I'll post the pictures from the other boat as soon as I receive them.

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