Friday, April 4, 2014

A New Version of Tail

Here is a couple photos of the new hand dipped tail.
These were molded on a Mustad 3/0 hook and they are the first ones out of the shop.
The colors are  as follows
(top photo, top row)  -  Firetiger
(top photo, middle row)  -  Hot Cisco
(top photo, bottom row)  -   Green sucker/perch

(bottom photo, top row)  -    Brown sucker/perch
(bottom photo, bottom row)  -  Walleye   

At this time these hand dipped tails are only available from Musky Tackle Online. 
If you see a color you like then give Aaron a shout I'm sure he'll fix you up.

A few other single color tails in both 3/0 and 7/0 sizes

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