Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Repair Work

Here's a photo of the little Widetail  swimbait after I put it back together. This is the one that was featured in the previous post and was dismembered yesterday with a run in with an angry esox with a mouthful of teeth.
The tail has been reattached and most of the major cuts have been fused back together.
For this repair work I used a product called Mend-It.....good stuff.   While not as quick to cure as a super glue, Mend-It leaves no residue like a glue does. This product chemically melts the pieces together. 
While the little bait maybe not as perfect as it was when it was new, it will still function as designed and is ready to go to battle with another fish....or two. Those battle scars gives it a special kind mojo that I wish all of my baits had.

Here's a few photos of four other baits that have come from the shop recently...
....two Widetails and two Big Boys
Hopefully these will meet the same fate as the one pictured above.

One is in my new favorite creek color and the other is about as old school as it gets.

And the Big Boys
Two vastly different perch flavors.....
but both look good and will undoubtedly get a fish or two.

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