Friday, March 6, 2015

Crazy Weather Week

Just when I thought we were getting close to spring..... 
With a milder rain melting most of the remaining snow we had, I was hoping the weather would finally turn around with some milder temps and become more like spring.
But mother nature had other plans.....
After a day of steady rain the temps dropped and the rain changed to sleet....then to snow. 
I awoke the following morning to no electric and 14" of fresh snow..
.....not what I had hoped for, at all...
We were lucky and our electric came back on after about 5 hours,  but many were not so lucky....especially since the temps dropped to 0 or below, the following night.
With the steady rain melting the several inches of old snow, this caused the rivers and streams to rise.
..a lot and very quickly.  
I watched the reports and saw the river was rising at a rate of about 1 foot per hour and continued rising like that for many hours.
In 3 days the river levels have risen 30 feet causing many areas to deal with flooding conditions in addition to the cold temps and the latest snowfall.

....On a positive note:....
The Forecast for the next week is calling for some  60 degree temps

A few photos I took looking out my doors that morning.  I was not happy going from no snow to this overnight.

Even with the crazy weather I did manage to get a few baits made.
Here's some pics of some of the things that came from the shop this week.

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