Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cold Water Bass Baits

With the water temps getting colder it is time for me to stock up my jig box for the winter and coming spring.   I basically use 3 different sizes/styles for most all my cold water jig fishing.  

The first is a 1/2 oz. silicone skirted jig that I use for flippin/pitchin/casting.  I use this primarily as a craw imitation so the colors and trailer styles reflect that.....but I do carry a few that are tied up in baits colors. 
(Actually most of this batch is in baitfish colors because not to long ago I made several in my preferred craw colors of green pumpkin/chartreuse, brown/orange & black/blue)

The second is a bullet head swim jig, this one is usually around a 1/2 oz. also, but is normally tied with some sort of synthetic hair in various baitfish colors.  The trailer for this style is most always some sort of paddle tail swimbait....or maybe a curly tail grub.

The last model is a finesse jig....it usually weighs a 1/4oz (sometimes less) and is dressed with hair, either natural or synthetic.   These may represent either small craws, shad or minnows.   The trailers for these is usually a 3-4" straight tailed, soft plastic minnow in a color that matches the jig color.
Usually one of these 3 will get some bites on most days during winter and all the way though spring and into early summer....actually a jig is hard to beat year around.

Here's a few photos that show the bare heads that have been painted and epoxied, ready for dressing.......along with the packs of dressing that I used for this batch.
Also some photos of the finished jigs ready to go into the box. 

A pretty good assortment of jig styles and colors.

1/4 oz. Finesse Jigs

1/2oz Casting/Flippin/Pitchin Jigs

1/2oz Bullet Head Swim Jigs.

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