Saturday, December 19, 2015

Natures Preparation For Winter

A few days ago while I was fishing along the bank in one of my favorite creeks I noticed this big red squirrel.   While I see lots of squirrels while fishing, most are either chasing each other around, eating nuts high up in the trees or rummaging around on the ground looking for nuts.......but this squirrel was obviously getting ready for winter by building itself a nest, which is something you don't get to witness very often.
It would come to the ground dig through plies of leaves until it found just the right leaf or two ....then it would carry them back up the tree and into it's den. Some leaves would go in the hole easily but some took a lot of effort to get them in the hole....some he was able to push right in, while others he would have to go inside and then pull and tug to get them in.
After one especially hard bunch of leaves, in which he worked on for several minutes, he paused so I took these quick photos.

All I can figure is.....
He either needed a break after such a tough bunch of leaves
Was admiring his chosen view for the winter
Was looking for the next bunch of "perfect leaves" to line his den.
......but more likely....
He was wondering what this guy was doing floating around in the water,  working so hard to catch a little fish...and when he did finally catch one,  he would just hold it up, admire it, then release it.

Who knows what goes through the minds of animals like this but he seemed to be content to just relax for awhile as he remained like this for quite some time.

You just gotta love the wonders of nature.

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