Friday, February 10, 2012

A buddy and I took a little time away from work , this week and we decided to spend an afternoon on the water. With the unseasonably warm weather we've been having...especially for February, it made for a very pleasant day on the water. It had been way to long since I'd been out so I really had a good time....and the fact that the fish were biting pretty good didn't hurt either.

Here's a decent bass I got. This is probably the biggest of the 2-3 dozen we caught

My buddy Mike with one of the bigger crappies we got.

In addition to the bass and crappies we also caugh a catfish or two and a striper of about 5 -6 lbs.
One of the cool things about being on the water when during different times of the year is seeing some of the wildlife that you don't normally see.
Here's a pic I shot of what appears to be a river otter just before it went into the water and disappeared.

Overall it was time well spent at least for me...but I think Mike had a pretty good time too.

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