Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sizes and Styles

Here's a couple different shots of some of the more popular bodies. Some are solid bodies and some are split bellies of various styles.
From left....
9" Shad
6" Shad
5" Fat Shad
9" Curl Tail Shad
6" Paddletail
These can be rigged several different ways but the most popular is on a jig head.
Next is the split bellies
9" Shad Split Belly
6" Paddletail Split Belly
These two work best when rigged on one of the weighted swim bait hooks that are so popular today.
9" Fork Tail Split Belly Shad
7" Fork Tail Split Belly Minnow
These two can be used as a twitch /jerk bait, When rigged weedless on a unweighted swim bait hook these can be used in and around the heaviest cover.
The last body on the far right is a solid body 7" Fork Tail.
I sometimes use this as a trailer on a jig when fishing along the bottom or as a trailer on a big spinnerbait.

The following photo shows a size comparison between A Big Boy, a 8" Big Paddletail, a 6" Paddletail, the Widetail and a Ribbontail.

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