Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another New One .....Well, Sort Of...

   A couple friends, that I go to Canada with, have been requesting that I make them a chatterbait that has a larger profile than the standard Ribbontail version that I normally make.
   This request sounded like a pretty simple task.....but..... I quickly found out it was a lot more involved than just adding a chatter blade to a Big Boy frame.
   First I had to add extra ballast to make the Big Boy body run straight, without it's signature tilt, at high speeds....then I had to modify the chatter blade to compensate for the added drag of the much larger, heavier body.
   After several attempts and many changes I got a couple working Big Boy sized chatterbaits....these will be tested soon on our annual trip to the north country.
   If this testing goes good then I may also add this one to my lure lineup. 

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