Saturday, June 15, 2013

Experimenting With Color

    A little color experimentation sometimes yields a cool new look.....but will the fish  agree ??
   All of these experiments start with no coloring pigments in the plastic.....I only used glitter, which makes the bodies translucent, that makes them very good in clear water and/or in high pressure situations.
    The first photo is blue scales over firecracker glitter body...not sure what to call this one yet but we'll figure something out.
   The color in the second pic, to me it looks like Grape Jelly
    This color is Purple Cisco
   The last one is what I'm calling Emerald Smallmouth.
   This one is pretty versatile.
   As is, it's a smallmouth bass but by just adding a white tipped fins and tail it becomes a walleye the white for orange and it could be a sucker pattern

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