Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Painting of the New Ones

 I did a little testing yesterday of the 2 new bodies.
Before I did any painting on them I wanted to know if they would work as designed...... I'm happy to say they did swim very well, so I painted up a few for further testing. Now it is time to see what the fish think.
   The photo below is for size comparison.... the body in the center is the 15" size.
   The new style at the top was based on the 15" shad body but has a narrow, fast moving tail. When laying curled up it measures about 16" and when stretched out, like in the pic, it's a little over 19".
   The bottom one uses the body of my 12" shad with the addition of the tail from a Big Boy. This one is about 15" curled and about 17" long when swimming.

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