Monday, June 28, 2010

New From Hoosier Handmade Musky Baits

Here's 2 new baits from Don Slagle at Hoosier Handmade Musky Baits.
These are the 9" Rattling Shad Crankbait (top) and the 9" Rattling Shad Glider.
9-1/2" in length
2-1/8" high
1" thick
6.5 ounces
10-12 feet running depth (casting)

9-1/2" in length
5-1/8" high
1" thick
7.4 ounces
As usual these baits, like everything that Don makes are an prime example of some of the finest craftmanship in lure building today. The Rattles that he puts in these are very large and very loud and have a sound unlike any other bait I've ever heard. The wood work, the paint work,and the finish coatings are all top notch. You'd be hard pressed to find a better built anywhere and at any price and judging by the number of large muskies that have been taken on them already, in the short time they have been available, says to me that these will mainstays in my box for a long time to come.
I cannot wait for the opportunity to give these two some serious leader time

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