Monday, December 27, 2010

Color and Pattern Experimernts

While doing some painting this weekend I did a little experimenting with some new patterns and colors on some Big Boy bodies I had.
The top one in the first two pics is a variation of one of my bluegill patterns, I may call this one Chartreuse Bluegill.
The next one is a yellow, brown and black perch pattern with some metallic green highlights. Golden Perch may become it's name.
The bottom one uses the standard Firetiger colors but in a different pattern. Names for this one may be Commando....or possibly Fluorescent Camo.
In the bottom photo are 2 Widetail bodies.
The first one is a 2 tone chartreuse with orange and copper. Not really sure what to call this one but it looks similar to the Miller Perch color by Bucher Tackle.
The last one is a chartreuse and black checker board pattern, it's hard to really see the colors in this photo. This one too is still un-named.

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