Friday, December 31, 2010

One Last Post ....For This Year !!

A few shots of some Medussa's that is the last thing I'm painting ......for this year.
The first pic is of a few of them waiting their turn to go under the gun.
The last pics are of them right before they get boxed up and sent on their way.....its Show Time !

Here's a question for our viewers........

How many different paint patterns are in photo two ??

The answer will be forthcoming next year.
You can post you answers in the comment section of this post.

Happy New Year !!!!!!!


  1. I will have some for you to paint shortly haha!! Jason sent me his new colors for 2011 and they are sweet lookin!

  2. Hi Justin, Just bring'em on down and I'll paint'em for ya. Jason sent me a couple pics of some of his new colors........looks like I painted them. The creeks are open....are you fishing yet ?? Send me some pics of those creek skies since I cannot seem to get away to try'em.

  3. Havent been on creek yet but we got one and hooked and lost 10 sat on cave

  4. seen one of your custom painted medussas on the next bite tv show. Nice!

  5. Hey Justin,
    That's way cool...Wish I'd seen it. Maybe somebody recorded it and can send it to me. What color was they using ??