Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Colors...Some Old.... Some New

A mix of colors that were commissioned by a couple friends. Some are colors that I've posted in the past but there is a couple new ones too. The new patterns were painted to match some photos that the fellow sent me. Matching colors and patterns from a photo is sometimes very difficult to do but is very satisfying when they turn out good.
In the photos of the Big Boys, the first one is a Char pattern, next in line is one I call Atomic Perch. The third one down is a Brown Trout color and the bottom one is a black, yellow and gold perch.
In the photo of the Big Paddletails, the one in the top left is a natural Yellow Perch color, below that is a fluorescent perch pattern that is referred to in some Nordic countries as Black Squares. The one in the top right is a Cisco and the lower right is a orange belly (Hot) Bluegill. At the bottom of the pic is a 3/0 custom tail that was painted to match a Firetiger Hellhound.


  1. the three new color on bigboy went out really really good Jeff. You now how to do it :-)))

  2. Thanks Erik, I appreciate the kind words and all the support.

  3. My paddletails looks great! Flawless service and great respond on my mails.