Monday, December 27, 2010

Something New ????

Here's the first released photo of a new jerkbait design I've been working on lately. Each color has been weighted differently for testing purposes. Depending on how the testing goes, I may have some of these available for early spring.....but then again maybe not.
Length is 14 inches
Weight is from 4-1/2 to 5 ounces
Hooks, 1- 7/0, 1-3/0 and 1-2/0


  1. hah! cool! Hows the action with those reapertails?

  2. Hi Michael, This new body style has not been wet yet but I did do a little testing late last fall with another version and it worked very well. It's more of a twitch / jerk bait that has a random action. Kinda both... a glider and a dive/rise bait.

  3. Thats pretty interesting! nice work!!

  4. Hey Justin, Thanks.....If they work as I hope then I'll bet you'll have to have a couple.....but no using them on the "flat" !! ha Stop by an check'em out if you get down this way.

  5. looking forward to se them Live.. Looking awsome

    Stephan Attitude Baits

  6. Thanks Stephan, I'm glad you like'em, and I appreciate all the comments. I'll get the weighting figured out just as soon as the water softens up enough that I can get them wet. I'll be sure to let all you guys know when they're ready for production. Thanks, Jeff