Thursday, August 25, 2011


A few assorted swimbaits that I have for sale . These are all brand new and have never been used, some of them have been in the shop for quite some time so it's time to move them along. These are either extras I made while doing other orders ....or are paint color/pattern some of them are one of a kind colors.
There are
Two (2) Ribbontail Swimbaits
(as seen in the first pic)

Three (3) Chatterbaits, 1 Shad body and 2 Ribbontail bodies (as seen in the second pic )

Seven (7) Widetail Swimbaits
( as seen in the third pic )

These usually sell for around $12.00 each but in order to clear these out I'll take $10.00 each........or the first $100.00 gets them all........
Shipping not included.

If your interested in any or all of these just shoot me an email at

Thanks for looking

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