Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have this lot of used swimbaits for sale. These all have been used but are still in pretty good shape. There's 16 pieces, if I counted correctly, in an assortment of styles....Bulldawgs, Big Boys (both deep and shallow), Paddletails, Widetails, chatterbaits and a few others. All are custom in one form or another.....some have some paint missing and a few need hooks but overall there's really nothing wrong with them.... other than I haven't used in quite some time and I need to clear them out........this kind of stuff seems to pile up really quick around here. Anyway I wanted to offer it to my blog readers first and if no one here is interested I'll post in some other forums.
Selling price is $50.00 plus shipping. PayPal, money order or cashiers checks accepted. First come first served.
If interested shoot me an email


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