Thursday, August 11, 2011

SOLD !!!

I have these custom Super D's that I'm wanting to sell. These have seen very little use and are in very good shape. These do not come with treble hooks, they do have the split rings but not the hooks. The following is a list of the colors and sizes.
There is two (2) Mega D's ( this is the pounder size) One is painted in my very popular Dr. Carp color and the other is in my Canadian Cisco color.
There is two (2) Magnum D's, one is painted in a Spotted Sucker color and the other is done in a Silver Shad color.
There are four(4) Regular D's, One in Dr. Carp and one in Tennessee Shad color in a shallow version and one each of those same colors in the regular sink version.
Not many of these Swimbaits have ever been offered in custom colors such as this so if you like fishing something that other folks don't have then this lot is perfect for you.
Cost $50.00 plus shipping.
If interested just shoot me an
First come first served.


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