Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top Of The Heap

Here's the current top 3 in my European Pike Competition.

The fish in first place is 11,100 grams or 24.47 pounds. It's length is 114 cm or 44.84 " This fish was taken on a 8" Paddletail Swimbait.

Second place is a fish of the same weight,11,100 grams. But it was submitted after the other fish so it takes 2nd place. This fish was caught on a Big Boy Swimbait.

The third place fish weighted 10,880 grams or 23.98 pounds and was taken on a Big Boy Swimbait

Congratulations to the anglers who caught these fine Pike .....but the competition runs until the end of 2011 so there is still plenty of time for some other fishermen to get on this list.

So good luck to all and we look forward to seeing more photos of those great European Pike.

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