Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Few Odds & Ends

I had a couple other big projects going on this past week so I did not have a lot of time to spend in the shop.
However I did manage to paint up a few things that folks wanted.
Customer Requested - Glitter Perch

In addition to the above painting, I have another project I have been working on for the last couple months.
A friend of  mine who specializes in powder coating blades has come up a process of image transfer, This process allows them to put almost any image on a spinner blade in powder coat, .
Here's a couple different colors that I had them do for me with the University of Kentucky logo. These have been finished for some time but due to the universities approval and licensing process it has been a waiting game.  
These blades are twin 8's, 
The skirts are 8" and are a hand tied, custom blended tinsel skirt
They feature tandem black nickle treble hooks, and are built on a keel weighted .051" stainless wire.
One of them has a printed blue blade and one nickel blade with a blue and silver skirt
The other has one printed orange blade and one black nickel blade with a black and orange skirt. 
While these are fully functional and would catch  fish I fully expect these will become wall art.

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