Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Pike

Here's a couple photos of my friend Mikko Jussila with two really nice pike he caught in his home country of Finland.
He reported catching four big pike that day.
pike # 1 - 11.42 kg  (25+ lbs.)
pike # 2 - 10kg (22+ lbs)
pike # 3 - 11.85 kg (26+ lbs)
pike # 4 - 9 kg (19+ lbs)
After going fishless for quite some time that day with all his other lures he decided to test one of my 12" curl tail shad bodies that had been give to him from another friend.
Within minutes of putting in the water he had the first of his 4 monster pike.

Congratulations on catching those great fish Mikko  
Thanks for sharing the photos.

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