Sunday, June 8, 2014

Phantom Hard Head Experiments

A couple photos of two of my personal Phantom Hard Heads. 
These baits are becoming more and more popular with the musky guys in my area.  In an effort to make mine a little different than everybody elses  I custom painted tails to match the heads.

 The Hot Whitefish in this photo shows the factory orange tail (top right ).
On the left is the two tails I painted for it, one was painted tail up and the other tail down.
Sorta looks like a orange bellied shad now.
 This photo is of the color Hot Perch, it too came with an orange tail but I removed it.
I used a chartreuse tail as a base and here's what it looks like after I painted the orange back, brown bars and gold scales.

While I'm not sure it will make any difference to the fish it does a lot to increase my confidence in them by knowing that the fish have never seen these before.
As a fellow much smarter than me once said
"Confidence is the most effective lure in any angler's box"  

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